History of War

History Of War


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History of War1 min letti
April 1941
During the Nazi invasion of Greece, German forces engaged with Greek and ANZAC defenders at Thermopylae, where the Spartan-led Greek defenders had fought and lost against the Persian invasion in 480 BCE. The topography of Thermopylae meant it was sti
History of War2 min lettiHistory
The Auschwitz Photographer
After the invasion of Poland, a young photographer named Wilhelm Brasse refused to join the Nazis and was arrested while trying to escape to Hungary. Transferred to Auschwitz on 31 August 1940, he was given the prisoner number 3444 and forced into ha
History of War11 min letti
Polish hussars holding their lances upright emerged at dawn on 4 July 1610 from deep woods on the west bank of the Gzhat River 100 miles east of Moscow. In the faint light, the first to arrive reconnoitred a long fence that blocked their route of att