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Mutiny On The Bounty
After 23 days out at sea, Commanding Lieutenant William Bligh of HMS Bounty was woken up on 28 April 1789 by the master’s mate, Fletcher Christian, who was brandishing a cutlass. Forcibly removed from command, Bligh and 18 other loyal sailors were co
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6 Myths Of The Russian Revolution
When we discuss the Russian Revolution of 1917, we are actually talking about two separate events that took place within the same year; the first was a spontaneous movement that overthrew the reigning tsar, Nicholas II, while the second was an orches
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In Context
When Edward the Confessor died without a child in early 1066, the most powerful noble in the country, Harold Godwinson, was crowned, having said the dying king of England had granted him the throne on his deathbed. But William, duke of Normandy and d