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Target shooting of one type or another is a sport that has stirred the imaginations of thousands, if not millions, of keen shooters for as long as humans have been walking on two legs and worked out how to use a bow and arrow. Long ago, shooters practised their skills to enable them to either secure meat for their families, or for the purpose of protecting them.

For those of us keen to improve our shooting skills, the practice of trying to land a projectile upon the target is rarely a chore and is something that we all enjoy. These days, it doesn’t really matter if we occasionally miss the dead centre of

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Short And Sweet
I don’t hunt a great deal these days, but when I do I always use ammo that’s consistently accurate in the particular rifle I’m using, and most of the time that means a conventional roundhead pellet. But in the pursuit of more knockdown power – and to
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Through The Looking Glass
“Budget” is often a byword for “not very good”, but if you do a little research you’ll find some great gear can be picked up for a relatively modest outlay. Scopes are a good example. You could easily spend £1,000 or more, but if you’re only planning
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Airgun Answers
Q I’ve got a few limited edition air rifles and so far have resisted the temptation to actually shoot them as I’m worried about them losing their value. Should I keep them mint or just enjoy them? YOUR EXPERT LEE PERRYMAN A AS A KEEN collector of lim