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rom the time it entered service in February 1968, the Boeing 737 narrow-body short-range airliner established a sterling record for reliability and efficiency that only improved in the course of three upgrades, culminating in the 2016 debut of the fourth-generation 737 Max. The airliner

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> Before leaving the replacement air group, F-14 pilots were well educated on the TF30 engine’s limitations and knew the workarounds so that the “sudden and scary” things that Wilkinson talks about did not happen in an air combat maneuver environment
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Flying The World In Pan Am’s Clippers
Suddenly there’s a mighty roar from its four engines and the behemoth accelerates. You watch through portholes as the spray diminishes. Then, almost imperceptibly, there’s a feeling of release as the giant flying boat breaks the water’s surface tensi
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Dauntless Forever
The Dauntless dive bomber flew almost entirely over the Pacific, and there it did more to win the war than any other bomber type, even including the Superfort’s two atom bomb missions. Yet of the 35 U.S. types that flew major combat in WWII, none was