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he biologist shares his story of documenting wildlife in the Sahara. “Deserts are hugely

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Keeping The Fireflies Burning
The magical nocturnal displays of fireflies are becoming a significant tourist attraction around the world, according to new research from the IUCN Firefly Specialist Group, which finds that this new-found popularity comes at a cost to the insects.
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This Is Your Life
Like earwigs and grasshoppers, shieldbugs undergo incomplete metamorphosis – a set of gradual changes that takes an insect from egg to adult. In contrast, flies, bees, beetles and butterflies undergo complete metamorphosis. They start life as a maggo
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Just off the rocky shore, several groups of people stand in hip-deep water, while a few dozen more float face down in the gentle swell. Get a little closer and the focus of their attention starts to become visible. Beneath the surface, countless alie