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Not Seen That Before!
Craving an after-dinner treat? An Oreo Cone will hit the spot nicely. The crunchy cone is filled with vanilla ice cream and Oreo biscuit pieces, and smothered in an Oreo biscuit coating, £3.50, 4-pack, Asda. Nuii Caramel White Chocolate & Texan Peca
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Q My daughter is 23 and still a virgin. I understand that it’s been difficult to find a partner. But she says she’s waiting until she meets Mr Right, and thinks the first man she has sex with is the one she should be with for life. What do you think?
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That Magic TOUCH
Does a witch live there?’ Oscar asks me, as we walk past the black house surrounded by a high stone wall. ‘Of course not,’ I reply. I’m just tall enough to see part of the garden, where the branches and trunks of shrubs and small trees are intricate