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How to Harness the Flavor of Garlic

niff an intact clove of garlic, and you won’t smell

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Hearty Beef Braciole
My nonna is no longer with us, but if I close my eyes, I can still hear the thwack-thwack of her meat mallet as she pounded pieces of beef thin for her weekly batch of braciole. She rolled the meat around a simple bread crumb, cheese, and herb fillin
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Kitchen Notes
Our Choux au Craquelin recipe (page 14) requires whipping just 1 cup of cream, which hardly warrants dragging out the stand mixer. But whipping cream by hand can be a real chore (and make a mess) if everything isn’t just so. Follow these simple guide
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How Garlic Flavor Works
At the root of garlic flavor is an enzyme called ALLIINASE, which is released the moment the cloves’ cells are damaged and jump-starts a pivotal chemical reaction. The alliinase acts on a sulfur-containing molecule called ALLIIN, converting it to a h