CHAPTER 1: Save America

12:08 AM: President Trump tweets: “Just happened to have found another 4000 ballots from Fulton County. Here we go!”

President Trump will tweet 13 more times before he appears to speak at the Ellipse stage at noon—complaints about the vote in Georgia and his belief that Pennsylvania will somehow flip to Trump and, finally, before 1:00 a.m., tweeting: “If Vice President @Mike_Pence comes through for us, we will win the Presidency.”

6:25 AM: Drew Hernandez of Tatum Report tweets: “MASSIVE line to get into The Ellipse to where President @ realDonaldTrump will be speaking at the ‘March For Trump Rally’…the line is already wrapping around the Washington Monument. It is still dark out, images to come.”

Hernandez is on YouTube.

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