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‘I Believe I Was Put On This Earth To Make People Laugh’
The biggest lesson I’ve learned in life is not everyone is going to like you, but their opinion doesn’t matter. As long as you’ve got your family and your core people, and as long as you love yourself – that’s all that matters. You can’t please every
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Pauline Kidner, 70, is the founder of Secret World Wildlife Rescue. She lives on a Somerset farm with husband Derek, 74. I first realised I needed to do more than care for rescued wildlife in 1988. I’d been looking after a tawny owl in our farmhouse
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Hop across the Irish Sea and discover some of the most gorgeous scenery right on your doorstep. From ancient castles to soaring mountains, there’s so much to experience. And not to forget its myths and legends – kiss the Blarney Stone and you’ll ne