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Under The Covers Strap Yourselves In…
You know that lifechanging, angst-building, terror-inducing rollercoaster I rode last May? I’m only about to do it again. After months of queuing, I’ve climbed back into a cart and am sitting, trembling as it pauses and clicks at the top of the very
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The Slip Up
Let’s face it, no one is perfect. We’re all a load of losers. We lose all the time. We’ve all had monumental failures at work, epic relationship dives, toe curling, embarrassing misunderstandings. Failure is bad. Very bad. Right? Wrong! This month, a
Writing Magazine4 min lettiPsychology
Observation is one of those skills that is not usually taught; yet, it can be a very useful tool for writers. It can help you come up with new ideas, uncover details that are not available in other sources, and add depth to information you already kn