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CROSS-COUNTRY ISSUES: Ross Middleton says…
Q What are some typical horse/rider frighteners when going crosscountry and how can I make things to train over at home in the arena and field? Sam Williams, N Yorks Ross says… Ditches are one of the main obstacles about which horses are anxious. To
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‘Where Are The Carefree Days Exploring Woods?’
NATALIE CLARK is a press officer, most recently working on BBC’s Comic Relief. She recently started riding again after a long break and her #Hack1000Miles partner is Apache. RECENTLY I REALISED that when you grow up riding and ride every day into you
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Effective Phrases To Use
The types of phrases you can use to improve your confidence while hacking and keep anxiety at bay are: ■ “You know you can choose to be calm right now or in a few seconds’ time, don’t you?” ■ “That’s right” — you can just repeat this one if you forge