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Pb’s Haibike Allmtn 6
£5,399 / 29/27.5in / MONTH 3: Fine-tuning fitness and perfecting the pace Jump to page 44 of this issue you’ll see that I spent a bit of time on the Thok TK-01 this month and feel that it’s worth comparing the Italian Stallion to the H
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(LOW SETTING) Size tested L Head angle 64.9° Seat angle 70.4° Effective SA 77.4° BB height 335mm Chainstay 435mm Front centre 809mm Wheelbase 1,244mm Down tube 755mm Top tube 615mm Reach 486mm ■
Mountain Bike Rider3 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
This is Daisy, she is three and a half and she has ridden at BikePark Wales, Fly Up 417 bike park and even featured on GMBN as Send of the Month. If you want to talk about girls mtb from the ground up, she and I are keen to show mountain biking isn’t