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Beadwork5 min letti
Squares Around
TECHNIQUES Circular peyote stitch Herringbone stitch Fringe PROJECT LEVEL OOO MATERIALS 1 g Capri blue transparent size 15° seed beads (A) 6 g matte Caribbean teal AB size 11° cylinder beads (B) 6 g salmon opaque size 11° cylinder beads (C) 1 teal 13
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Fresh Trends for Spring
There’s no denying that we’ve all been through a lot during the pandemic. So, it feels especially good to look at beautiful beaded jewelry and plan new projects. You might choose one opulent design for Zoom meetings and a subtler but elegant piece fo
Beadwork4 min letti
Navette Lariat Set
USE THE NEW NAVETTE BEADS to stitch up these fast beaded beads and attach them to a sinuous chain for this classy set. TECHNIQUES Circular netting Right-angle weave variation Wireworking PROJECT LEVEL OOO MATERIALS 2 g gold galvanized Duracoat size 1