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Bean the Change
Nutritionally powerful and environmentally kind, legumes are definitely de rigueur for the concerned and aware consumer. They’re a generous source of protein, fiber, potassium, and other essential vitamins and minerals; they require fewer natural res
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DIY Congestion-Busting Herbal Tea
٭ WILD CHERRY BARK helps decrease cough spasms, is a mild sedative. ٭ LICORICE is antiviral, helps to heal ulcers, and is an important herb for healing the adrenal glands. ٭ HOREHOUND is a bitter herb in the mint family with antimicrobial action—comp
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Exergaming Can Make You Dizzy
Exergaming—playing virtual reality fitness games—is growing in popularity and can improve fitness, but it can also make you dizzy or sick within an hour after you stop playing. That’s what researchers found at the University of South Australia. To be