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That’s ok – just cast your eye back over your cost prices. Perhaps what you do is pretty time-intensive, or you’re using high-value luxe or sustainable materials? Remember that handmade is always going to be more costly than mass-production, and you can’t compare the two. Don’t let fast

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Hello makers! I can’t wait for you to get stuck into our first ever small business guide, in association with Cricut. Here at Mollie , we’re all about chasing dreams and making that creative lifestyle a reality. So, hopefully this handy workbook will
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Space To Create
Perhaps the vision is one of light streaming in through huge windows, clambering spider plants on a pastel floor, fresh coffee from your personal pot and a soundtrack of illuminating music and podcasts. A wardrobe of Fair Isle knitwear, dungarees and
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Crochet Stitch Guide
Hold the hook in your dominant hand like a pencil, roughly 3-5cm (1¼-2") from the hooked end. If the hook has a flat area, hold it here between your index finger and your thumb. Hold the hook between your thumb and your index finger, about 3-5cm (1¼