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■ Monk’s cloth, 60 x 70cm (23¾ x 27½")

■ Large wooden frame, 50 x 60cm (19¾ x 23¾")

■ Rico Fashion Linen Swell Aran, 80% cotton/20% linen, 50g/110m, in Salmon (004) (Yarn A)

■ Glitter 4 ply Metallic Yarn, 80% viscose/20% Lurex, 50g/200m per cone, in Coral (8F1) (Yarn B)

■ Wendy Purity yarn, 70% cotton/30% Merino wool, 50g/ 100m per ball, in Breeze (5165) (Yarn C)

■ Peach cotton fabric, 40 x 44cm (15¾ x 17½")

■ Adjustable punch needle

■ Erasable fabric marker

■ Sewing needle

■ Matching sewing thread

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