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WHAT do you get when you cross excess game, an inquisitive home market and entrepreneurs looking for the next taste sensation? Some of the finest charcuterie you’ll find anywhere in the world. At long last, there’s British competition for those beautiful cured meats from France, Italy, Spain and beyond. Our own homegrown charcuterie is now freely available —an epicurean array of dried, fermented and spiced

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Renaissance Man
IT is likely that only now will Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, begin to be fully appreciated for the contribution that he made to the life of Great Britain. In his later years, it became amusing for the press to paint him as a caricature: a pepper
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Town & Country Notebook
1) What does a Geiger counter measure? 2) If you dug a hole through the centre of the earth starting from beneath the Houses of Parliament, you would emerge off the coast of which country? 3) What does the average person do 13 times a day? 4) On w
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My Favourite Painting Richard Parr
‘Landscapes, especially in England, have been a big part of my life, never more so than recently when enjoyment of them has been one of the positives of an untravelled year. Architecture in its landscape setting is a big part of my practice. The view