The healing power of CRYSTALS

During a recent interview, The Duchess of Sussex gave the public a peek into her inner

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✱ Speak to your GP or a medical practitioner to ensure you’re physically fit before taking up a new sport. ✱ Skin-to-pole contact is essential. Make sure you have the correct clothing: shorts and a vest or sports bra are ideal. ✱ Learn the basics fir
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Not Seen That Before!
Craving an after-dinner treat? An Oreo Cone will hit the spot nicely. The crunchy cone is filled with vanilla ice cream and Oreo biscuit pieces, and smothered in an Oreo biscuit coating, £3.50, 4-pack, Asda. Nuii Caramel White Chocolate & Texan Peca
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3 Three Excellent Uses For Ben Wa Balls
To strengthen your vagina in general, or to offset the weakening effects of childbirth or ageing. Use the balls alongside Kegel exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor - lovehoney.co.uk has a 24-hour advice service. Pop the balls inside, add stimula