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A brief tour of Africa

Astronaut Christina Koch had been on the ISS for about four (of 11)

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Cosmos Magazine1 min lettiBiology
In Focus: Salamanders
Salamanders range in size from Mexico’s minute salamanders – 2.7cm nose to tail – to the Chinese giant salamander, which reaches 1.8m and weighs up to 65 kg. Salamanders can regenerate lost tails, limbs, toes and even severed spinal cords within wee
Cosmos Magazine1 min lettiChemistry
Spice Up Your Solar
Chilli is known to have a range of health benefits, from reducing infections to improving digestive performance. But here’s one you probably didn’t know: it appears a pinch of capsaicin – the chemical compound that gives chillies their spice – may al
Cosmos Magazine1 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Out Of Sight Out Of Mind?
Nuclear accidents above ground can be disastrous. Beneath the Earth’s surface, not so much. Deep Isolation is a company that is testing the storage of capped canisters of radioactive waste in tunnels drilled up to several kilometres deep, beyond aqui