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the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science – Australia’s most prestigious awards for achievement in scientific research, research-based innovation and excellence in

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Dark Matters: Exploration For Conservation
Katrina West’s trip wouldn’t have been possible without the skills of the Western Australia Speleological Group (WASG). For trip leader Rob Susac, Christmas Island isn’t new – and neither is scientific research. In 2006, he accompanied Australian Mus
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Bactericidal Insect Wings
Most flying insects have wings with water-repellent qualities, made possible by tiny knife-like structures that sluice water away from them while they’re in flight. “That’s quite important,” says Eser Akinoglu, a physicist at the Centre of Excellence
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How Molecular Clamp Technology Works
Molecular clamps help the synthetic spike protein remain stable, compressing it top and bottom and preventing it from falling apart or changing structure. This stabilisation ensures the vaccine is able to accurately teach the immune system to recogn