MAXIM New Zealand

Runner-up... TASHA LOSÀN

Proudly calling herself an Australian-Bulgarian, this Gold Coast

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MAXIM New Zealand6 min letti
Adrenaline Rush
There’s a Pagani Huayra Roadster sitting out in the early morning sun awaiting me. Crouched like an enormous, midnight blue cicada, silent and still in the Napa Valley mist. Dew glimmering on herringbone-patterned carbon fiber coachwork. Elegant line
MAXIM New Zealand1 min lettiMedical
Top Tip
If you’re planning a getaway, amp up your training stress significantly for the last phase of your program leading into the holidays by increasing the overall training volume by at least 50% whilst maintaining the same intensity. You can do this by i
MAXIM New Zealand3 min letti
The Rubens Return
Our first few drafts of the album track listing didn’t have this song as the opener. It’s always hard to figure it out, to find the right flow, and the first song is what kicks it all off. When we finally tried sitting this at the top it felt right.