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The Hot Cloth Cleanse
1 Apply your chosen cleanser using your hands. Don’t forget to include your neck as well. 2 Run your hands under a warm tap, then work into skin and massage for 30 seconds. 3 Grab a clean face cloth (try bulk buying from Amazon, around £10 for 20), r
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LOOK LIVELY 10 Moves To Re-energise You
Lay on your front, position your hands either side of your shoulders. Gently push up through your hands, straighten arms and push your chest off the floor. Keep hips, legs and feet on the floor. Hold for five seconds, then relax so that you are lying
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6 Ways To Help Your Bones
1 Eat a balanced diet containing all the food groups, including dairy for calcium and vitamin D. 2 Take supplements if your diet may be lacking, you’re over 65, housebound, cover up outside or rarely go out (see Pregnant women should take 10