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One of aviation’s most celebrated pilots, General Chuck Yeager, passed away on Dec. 8 in Los Angeles at the age of 97. In addition to breaking the sound barrier in 1947, the aviation giant was a World War II fighter ace, a long-time Air Force base commander and the head of the United States’ first astronaut training program. See our tribute to Chuck Yeager in this issue.


The National Transportation Safety Board has released its public docket on the investigation into the 2019 crash of the Collings Foundation’s B-17, known as . The airplane was one of less than a dozen airworthy B-17s at the time of the crash, and

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The First X Plane: Wright Model R
From the 1940s to the 1960s, the headlines were full of the exploits of the test pilots and the famous X planes. From the Bell X-1 and the North American X-15 to the North American XB 70, these planes were designed to fly faster, higher and farther.
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Ghost Blimp
In August of 1942, a U.S. Navy L-8 blimp crash-landed in Daly City, California. What makes this a mystery, you may wonder? Its crew was nowhere to be found. It had been nine months since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and the dust was far from
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Plane & Pilot
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