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Jazz’s Swimming Tips
• ‘So many people swim at the same pace using the same stroke. Mix things up by swimming at different speeds, incorporating shorter, faster bursts of activity, and introducing a pull buoy or kickboard to work your upper and lower body separately.’ •
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Q‘i Overindulged Over The Holidays. Are There Any Poses That Will Support My Detox And Boost My Health?’
‘It’s only natural to enjoy a few treats over Christmas. Fortunately, the new year is an ideal time to reset your mind and body, and yoga can help. Aim to practise about two hours after a meal or 30 minutes after a small snack if you can. ‘From a phy
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Beating Stubborn Belly Fat
Joey Bull, 54, is a fitness professional and qualified bioregulatory medicine practitioner, who has won four GB titles in the world of Fitness Competition. Here, she explains how she has stayed motivated over the years, as well as how she’s coped wit