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n the 7 February 1980 episode of Patrick Moore was joined by Saturn enthusiast and artist Paul Doherty, who often produced artwork for the show. The pair were taking a

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Francis Bozon, Jean-Luc Gangloff, Stephane Gueyraud, remotely via Dark Sky Alqueva, Portugal, 11 October-22 December 2020 Francis says: “Sh2-224 is a very faint supernova remnant in the constellation of Auriga, the Charioteer. It has a rather peculia
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Where I live in southern Canada, the cold, cloud and snow can make winter observing a challenge, but eventually the temperatures moderate, the clouds part and the snow melts. That’s when I get my 10- and 20-inch (250mm and 300mm) Dobsonian telescopes
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A Night On The Coast
We’re certainly not short of coastline here in the UK. From the wave-smashed cliffs facing the might of the Atlantic at Land’s End in Cornwall to the shining, sandy beaches scattered around Scotland’s stunning shores, there are thousands of kilometre