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News In Brief
Farfarout is now officially the Solar System’s most distant known object – at least for now. Astronomers recently confirmed the orbit of the planetoid, discovered in 2018, finding it is currently 132 times the Earth-Sun distance from the Sun. There a
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Where To Stargaze In ENGLAND
While it’s often considered a densely populated and light-polluted urban country that’s not ideal for amateur astronomy, England has plenty of hills, open moorland, reservoirs and remote countryside that are perfect for stargazing away from the glow
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New Arrivals On Mars
HOPE PROBE, 10 FEBRUARY 2021 Three Mars-bound spacecraft set off within days of each other in February – the Emirates Mars Mission, China’s Tianwen-1 and NASA’s Mars 2020 – but it was the UAE (United Arab Emirates) that first successfully entered the