BBC Sky at Night


1 Monday

A telescopic view of Mars as the sky is darkening at 18:30 UT will show Mare Sirenum locaated slightly south of centre. The giant Olympus Mons volcano sits to the north of this dark mare.

2 Tuesday

This morning’s 77%-lit waning gibbous Moon passes just 1.2˚ from the binary

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BBC Sky at Night2 min lettiPhysics
The Sky Guide Challenge
There are two Suns in our sky – one is real and one conceptual. The conceptual or ‘mean’ Sun is important because it allows us to stabilise the length of our days. The real or apparent Sun oscillates in position either side of the mean Sun, and this
BBC Sky at Night2 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Comets And Asteroids
Asteroid 9 Metis reaches opposition in Virgo on 4 April, before it drifts into the large Bowl of Virgo asterism towards the end of the month. On 1 April, Metis shines at mag. +9.5 and is located 4° southeast of mag. +3.4 Delta (6) Virginis. Its appar
BBC Sky at Night1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Until it arrived at Jezero crater, I hadn’t paid too much attention to Perseverance. Even if all goes well on this mission, successful sample return is a decade and several missions away, and – Ingenuity aside – it seemed close to a copy of Curiosity