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Energy Gels
£3.99 for four The first incarnation of this gel was face-achingly sweet, but, thankfully, the Decathlon-distributed brand has since dropped the butter and toned down the viscosity and sweetness to create a delicious burst of energy. That burst is 23
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Conquering – scrub that, completing – an iron-distance triathlon takes dedication, consistent training, a realistic recovery strategy and calories. Plenty of them. How many calories do you burn during an Ironman? The short answer’s a lot. The longer
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The Complete Guide To Everesting
Impassioned Melbourne radio host Red Symons’ show had become a lament over the death of the English language. How could the world’s most revered peak be butchered into a verb? Everest had become Everesting. Andy van Bergen grinned. If he hadn’t reali