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Animal Magic
So many of us check the star signs of any prospective partners before we agree to go on a date with them – just to see if we’re compatible. But do you do that before you get a new pet? Do you even know your pet’s star sign? After all, they’re just as
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Tomorrow’s News
Get set for 14 June – an uplifting day when you’ll feel so many blocks in your life lift. I can see from Joe’s spirit that he’s got a strong belief in karma and the divine. He’s keen to provide Americans with the basics and restore their country t
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A Card For The Month
Hang on your here comes a New Moon eclipse. That’s actually a super-powerful celestial event. New Moons are when you can start over, and New Moon eclipses are that on steroids! They are times for shaping your life and reality. I’ve drawn a random car