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How superconductors work so efficiently

Superconductors are metals – such as lead – or oxides which conduct electricity with no resistance. There’s just one catch – to display their superpowers, they need

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How It Works2 min letti
Ancient Deity Statue Wears A Mullet And Moustache
A tiny statue of a Celtic deity dating to the Iron Age wears a haircut that was widespread – and widely mocked – decades ago, but is now enjoying an unexpected comeback: the mullet. Worn with the hair cut short in front and long at the back of the he
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Inside A Honey Bee Hive
The hexagonal cells of the honeycomb are the most efficient shape to maximise the number of cells built, with minimal wax used and producing no gaps. The bees’ wax-making glands produce beeswax, arranged in circular tubes. As they work, the heat fro
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Oceanic Dead Zones
Along coastlines around the world are stretches of water where marine life is suffocating below the surface. As the name suggests, these ‘dead zones’ are areas where few species are able to survive or thrive. However, they are far from being complete