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Inside a blast furnace

How do the large buildings we see around the modern world stay up? They have skeletons of steel that are strong enough to help support other heavy materials like concrete. That’s why steel is one of the world’s most important products – and so the blast furnaces that make it are very important too. Blast furnaces make very hot, liquid pig iron. In 2016 up to

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Cutting Chromosomes
Sequences of repeated DNA called telomeres are found at the end of chromosomes. They act as non-essential protective caps for the rest of the DNA, like the plastic at the end of your shoelaces. With every division the telomeres become shorter. Each t
How It Works2 min lettiNature
Solitary Nesters
One of around 200 of the planet’s solitary bees, the red mason bee has to search for a suitable egg-laying location that doesn’t need to be built from scratch. This species only flies 90 metres from its nest, so an area that provides the female’s nee
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Meet The Team
On page 48, dive down into the depths to explore some of the cities of the past that now lie beneath the briny blue, frozen in time. Oil is a precious natural resource, as it has a multitude of uses. Find out how we refine and use this fossil fuel o