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Armour options

Since the Humvee was introduced, soldiers have demanded increasingly more protection from it. Early versions had fabric doors

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How It Works2 min lettiNature
Inside Beehives And Wasp Nests
It’s usually around the summer months that you’re most likely to encounter bees and wasps. As these frantic flyers approach, expertly dodging waving hands as they buzz about the flowers, it can be difficult to understand the lives of these busy insec
How It Works1 min lettiBiology
Forming Wrinkles
This is the supportive layer of the skin. It’s filled with proteins called collagen and elastin that prevent it from sagging. Younger skin is packed with lots of moisture, keeping it smooth and plump. Springy fat sits here, forming a structural found
How It Works3 min lettiPhysics
Fastest Spinning Black Hole In The Cosmos Discovered
Six decades after its discovery, the first black hole ever detected is still causing astronomers to scratch their heads. It turns out that the cosmic behemoth at the heart of the Cygnus X-1 system is 50 per cent more massive than previously thought,