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Disaster, Actually
This pointless portmanteau film is an unfunny and frequently obnoxious mash-up of uninteresting love stories, populated by unlikable stock characters. Lacking charm and taste, it pales in comparison to its obvious ancestor, Love, Actually – and I don
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Smash And Bash
New Zealand women’s cricket’s brightest young star, Amelia Kerr, took an unusual, conceivably unique, hat-trick – three googlies, three batters clean bowled – but it wasn’t enough to propel her Wellington Blaze team to a fourth consecutive domestic T
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Heart’s Desire
In the US, Raven Leilani’s highly touted debut novel, Luster, came in a scintillating purple and orange wrapper like an expensive box of chocolates. But when one focused beyond the raised metallic letters on the cover, the sparkling copper filigree r