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Weight 912g Volume 10l Reservoir 3l If you’re not put off by the Skyline LR’s bulging appearance, then it performs superbly. It’s effectively a hybrid of a backpack and a bumbag, with the load supported on the hips, pulled in tight by a wide wa
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Let’s Not Forget…
On the outskirts of Belfast, Barnett Demesne has something for all levels, including a 3.4km green trail, a 3.9km blue loop with flowing singletrack and 1.5km of more technical red options. There’s also a jump park boasting six lines suitable for fir
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HOW TO Troubleshoot A Noisy Bike
1 CHAIN SLAP If you have a Shimano mech, ensure the clutch is on to reduce chain noise. Apply frame protection to the chainstay and seatstay – fit mastic tape or wrap an old inner tube wherever the chain contacts the frame, or buy a chainstay protect