Feel inner into wisdom your

Routine thinking

ultivate and stick to your goals with these brilliant habit hacks. ‘Contrary to popular belief, habits are more about who you’re being than what you’re doing,’ author Jen Sincero notes. This book is for anyone looking to create new habits to live in greater alignment with not only who you want to be, but who you are.

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How To Be More Realistic
• Do you regularly count your blessings and conveniently gloss over the bad stuff? • Do you let opportunities pass you by because you believe you deserve better and more? • Do you blame the universe for not helping you instead of working hard to make
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Know Yourself And End Self-sabotage
DO YOU FIND YOURSELF DOING THE OPPOSITE of what you know is good for you? Do you scupper your own chances of success, or procrastinate endlessly? Do you regularly break promises to yourself? Is your inner critic so loud you feel as if a bully lives i
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I Think We Have A Connection
THE BOXES ARE PACKED – we’re moving house and off to the countryside. It’s the start of new adventures, new places and new friendships. Rewind that – new friendships? The idea of having to make friends is always slightly alarming for an introvert, bu