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THE Little Things THAT COUNT
Babies recognise faces early on, and yours is the most important one of all. Make regular eye contact. By doing this, you get into the habit of looking your child in the eye when you communicate with her. Looking into your baby’s eyes conveys the mes
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What Breastfeeding Really Does FOR YOU
We all know that breastfeeding is good for our babies –there’s a slew of studies to prove that, which is why the World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and breastfeeding up to two years or beyond. But wh
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Dietitian Nicqui Grant Offers Some Healthy Craving Swops
HOT CHIPS Oven-baked sweet potato chips ICE CREAM Freeze a small tub of low-fat fruit yoghurt with a teaspoon pierced through the foil top to make it a lollipop. CHOCOLATE High-quality cocoa mixed with boiling water and a dash of milk, slightly swe