Dank Is in the Details

Wasserman calls “real estate divination,” she and her husband, Isaac Resnikoff, found a plot of unbuilt land in the Highland Park section of Los Angeles. To them, it was the perfect place to build a house and raise a family: a clean slate on the side of a hill, overlooking a sea of palm trees that recedes into the San Gabriel Mountains. To their Milwaukee-based architects—Lizz’s parents, Louis Wasserman and Caren Connolly—the site was

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Heart of Glass
On a gently sloping field in the Swiss canton of Valais, a stone barn stands amid rows of grapevines before a looming mountain peak. Local farmer turned cattle trader Pierre-Joseph Huguet built the barn in 1854 to shelter his herd, and it’s still in
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Don’t the Berkshires get plenty of snow? Those minimally pitched roofs in “Full Circle” [January/February] seem like they’ll need a lot of roof raking in winter. Even if they can handle the weight, I’d be concerned about ice damming and leaks. FRED H
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Inside and Out
At the end of a long road that winds through a dense spruce forest, just north of the small town of Kongsberg, Norway, sits an enormous greenhouse by a stream. Inside, an abundance of fruit trees—figs, grapes, citrus, cherries, and plums—and vegetabl