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Deer Hunting With The 7mm-08

Q For deer hunting I am using a 7mm-08 loaded with the Barnes 140gn TSX over 47gn of W-760 sparked off with CCI primers. I don’t have a chronograph but using your handloading manual I’d estimate velocity to be around 2800fps. I wish to go down to a 120gn bullet like the Barnes TTSX for deer hunting, but for general hunting of pigs, can you recommend a good all-round 120gn projectile? I have ordered a Sako Classic 7mm-08 for my son as he has commandeered my Remington 700CDL and thought of putting a Leupold Freedom 3-9x40 or 3-9x50 on it. What is your opinion of the new Freedom range? I am considering taking my boys on a hunt with an outfitter. Have you hunted with Raptor Ridge? Who would you recommend?

– Michael Bennett

Your guess was pretty close. A charge of 47gn of W-760 drives the Barnes 140gn TSX bullet at about 2820fps. Barnes lists a maximum charge of 50.5gn of W-760 as driving the 120gn TSX BT at 3132fps. That should put down a deer with a single bullet if you place it in a vital area. For pigs I’d rather use the 130gn Speer in preference to the 120-grainer. I’ve used that

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