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Beyond Small Talk: Becoming Willing to Explore Deeper Conversation and Connection

Beyond Small Talk: Becoming Willing to Explore Deeper Conversation and Connection by Judy Marano. Photograph of people waiting on a subway platform by Eddi Aguirre
Photograph by Eddi Aguirre

I love to learn about people, their likes, belief, and desires — and believe we can all benefit by stretching out of our conversational comfort zone

We are an efficiency-based country. Outside of our circle, we view communication merely as transactional. If there is nothing to be gained, then why engage? 

Most of us go through life with blinders on. We move from place to place, eyes down or headphones in, trying hard to avoid strangers, interaction, and any conversation besides the small talk that is impersonal yet extremely common. Almost as a default, we smile and ask strangers, “How are you?” and then we want and expect to hear, “Fine.” Interaction over — without any real feelings or emotions

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