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‘Does your head hurt yet?’


‘What we did with for the heist genre is really what attempts to bring to the spy movie genre,’ says Christopher Nolan of his latest mind-bending-blockbuster. To wit, is a globetrotting action thriller in the James Bond mould, albeit with an additional layer of sci-fi gimmickry-involving ‘inverted entropy’ that allows

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➜ £2,200 The audio specialist's debut soundbar makes a dramatic entrance. 13 drivers, including 4in woofers, create a cinematic soundstage, with impressive immersion via Atmos, DTS:X and Sennheiser's Ambeo processing. Big and bold. HCC #302 ➜ £1,250
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DON’T BUY THESE Meze 99 Classics if you want Bluetooth wireless connectivity or confoundingly good Active Noise Cancelling, and definitely give them a wide berth if you’re looking to have a digital assistant chirp sweet notifications into your earhol