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When you think of 12/8 grooves, songs like Higher Ground and Master Blaster (Jammin’) by Stevie Wonder or The Way You Make Me Feel and Leave Me Alone by

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Guitar Techniques4 min letti
Food For Thought
The ‘right note’ when improvising will always be subjective. It’s a choice – your choice. A very spicy note, something dissonant, might be perfect in a jazz solo but would probably sound out of place in a pop ballad. Using only chord tones will sound
Guitar Techniques4 min letti
Forming in the Welsh village of Cwmaman in the early ’90s, Stereophonics have released 11 studio and live albums and a staggering 44 singles. With seven albums topping the UK charts, the group ranks as one of Wales’s most successful acts. Originally
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In The Woodshed
When playing over a static Dominant chord, the first few sonic options we tend to gravitate towards are the Mixolydian mode (1-2-3-4-5-6- b 7], the Major Pentatonic (1-2-3-5-6) and of course the Minor Pentatonic and/or Blues scale (1- b 3-4- b 5-5- b