tHe PriCe IS rigHt MEAL PLAN

WHETHER YOU’RE GROCERY shopping for one or trying to nourish a family, food bills can add up fast — especially if you’re consistent with your healthy get-lean diet. After all, wild salmon, grass-fed beef and microgreens aren’t cheap. What’s more, food prices have increased by more than 3 percent overall in the past year. (Thanks, pandemic.)

But you don’t have to spend a fortune to eat like a champ. You just need to seek out and buy foods with a big nutritional bang for your buck. There are plenty of frugal-minded superfoods, so even if you’re pinching pennies, you don’t need to pass on nutrition.


MAKES 4 Servings

Use this slaw in tacos made with corn tortillas and strips of top sirloin steak.


8 cups red cabbage, thinly

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