Burn your bridges

Anyone who has ever tried to shape and strengthen her glutes and hamstrings has felt the deep and oh-sosatisfying burn of bridges. But bridges aren’t just good for your glutes. They also engage the deep, intrinsic core muscles, helping strengthen and solidify your entire lower body and posterior chain while alleviating back pain and improving posture. These four moves take the basic bridge to the next level, progressing from the industry standard for foundational development movement to an advanced, unstable, elevated and weighted exercise.


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Core-Set 360
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Drive your CARs
Your skeleton works wonderfully when everything is aligned, but as you go through life, your muscles develop and grow based on your habitual movement patterns, which often lead to imbalances. People try to correct these by working on flexibility — pa
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Built In 60
■ Deep in the backwoods of Maine on a large plot of land, a newly transplanted duo is planning to take over the world, one fit human at a time. This fall, Amber Dodzweit Riposta and Andrew Riposta were busy decking out their new house, transforming t