You’ve heard of Diamondback. For many, the name brings forth visions of cheap .380 handguns you may find in a purse. And Diamondback intends to change that. Sure, they make ARs too, but everyone makes an AR-15. So when someone told us we should check out their new PDW, we were skeptical. Cue our surprise. The initial design goal was to create a PDW-style firearm that was lightweight and slimmer than any of the competitive offerings on the market, while demonstrating the newer, more serious level of Diamondback Firearms.

Adam Walker, vice president of engineering for Diamondback, told us the biggest challenge of the DBX was figuring out how to deal with the short-impulse of the 5.7mm ammunition while maintaining minimal mass in the reciprocating components.


There are no two ways about it — the DBX is really tiny. With an 8-inch

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