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THE VIRAL FACTOR: Late last year, Rahul Kohli and his pornstache unlocked a new level of fame after they appeared in Mike Flanagan’s superhit horror series The Haunting Of Bly Manor on Netflix. “I had no idea the ’stache was going to get the amount of attention it did. The thing that inspired it was just the time period really. I looked at pictures of my father and uncles in the 1980s, rocking the big moustache, the Tom Selleck look.” Of course, it helped that he delivered a sharp performance as Owen Sharma, the big-hearted resident chef with a penchant for bad puns and dad jokes.

THE BREAKTHROUGH: Genre fans have known Kohli as a rising figure in the sci-fi and horror space for years now. Ever since he broke through with the mega-popular series iZombie, he’s acquired something of a cult following that hangs on to his every word, quip, beef and recommendation on Twitter and IG. “Prior to that, I was just auditioning in London for commercials, with some success, and guest roles on soap operas,” he recalls. After being cast in iZombie, he remembers “that feeling of validation, the confidence that I’m in the right vocation.”

Kohli grew up in London, a third-gen British-Indian – his grandparents left trilogy came out on VHS and I pretty much watched it in one go.” That decided it. “I wanted to be a part of this universe, I just didn’t know how. Initially, I thought maybe I could get into VFX as I was heavily into art and computers. Over time, I found myself moving closer to the camera, then it was directing, and eventually at 18 I dropped out of a film course to become an actor. It’s always been , that is the single biggest influence in my life.”

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