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I have an entry area where I can hang small wallhangings and I’ve made one foris the name I gave this hanging as it is just that...Happy. I decided that I would not go formal with it so instead of precise appliqué, all edges are raw and stitched down with long stitches in contrasting black thread. I chose not to bind it so the outside edges are clipped. In the North Georgia Mountains where I live, summer brings an abundance of bright and beautiful flowers. I used lights for the background so as to emphasize the boldness of the flowers, stems, and leaves. I like the shape used for the background patches as I feel it adds interest vs. using squares. Also the shape of the flowers is totally different from most flower patterns and I feel that gives added interest.

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Hampton Court Blooms
Print at 100% (no scaling). This box measures 2 inches wide by 1 inch high. Use this as an accuracy guide when printing the templates. ■
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Options for Finishing
• To create a pillow cover, arrange the muslin appliqué on a background. Quilting with batting is optional but will add wonderful dimension. Sew a second piece of fabric to the appliquéd front, turn right sides out, and stuff the cover with a pillow
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Natalie Says:
When I design an appliqué quilt, my goal is to make it achievable and approachable for all skill levels. I start with raw-edge appliqué for comfort, knowing that lovers of turn-under appliqué will opt to take that approach on their own. My quilt desi