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Firing shots to the kidneys likely has been a feature of armed and unarmed combat since human beings began walloping one another. Just when the term “kidney punch” became a thing is a bit unclear, but legend ballparks it on an early lightweight champion of the bare-knuckle boxing era, a man named George Dawson.

Dawson was born on October 7, 1867, in New South Wales, Australia, in a town that bore the colorful name Dark Corner. His parents had emigrated from England in pursuit of

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Judo School Established On Mount Everest
In what is probably the world’s most elevated martial arts school, a judo dojo has been established in Nepal on the slopes of Mount Everest. Built by a Japanese nonprofit organization in Khumjung Village, the school was erected at an elevation of nea
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Woman Of The Year
BASE: HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA ARTS: BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU, MMA In the October 2012 issue, the editors of Black Belt named the toughest female martial artists ever to walk through the doors of BB HQ. The roster was augmented by a sidebar that named
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Martial Arts Vs. Fighting Arts
Most serious practitioners understand the distinction between a martial art and a fighting art. Martial arts are those disciplines that were practiced by a warrior class or that have evolved from those disciplines. Fighting arts are those that were d