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‘I Had A Wonderful Encounter At An Old People’s Home!’
“About two years ago, I was asked to go to a very sophisticated, rather chic, series of homes for the elderly. They wanted someone to go round, welcome residents, say hello and do a performance. There were four different homes that I went to, with a
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A balcony garden can be delightful – an aerial oasis providing privacy, colour and scent, as well as food. There are challenges – from lugging bags of compost up flights of stairs to finding plants that can handle wind, sun or shade cast by other bui
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Book Club
by Carol Drinkwater (£7.99, PB, Penguin) Carol Drinkwater returns with a poignant new novel about the power of first love and courage in our darkest hours. Sara and her parents are forced to flee war-ravaged Poland and find happiness in a beautiful