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It made per fect sense at the time

1 JANUARY 1905

Duluth Aerial Bridge Ferry

ore than 100 years ago, this cover story told of the Duluth aerial ferry, which was the first structure of its kind in America.

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Going The Distance
How has the B-52 stood the test of time while other military aircraft haven’t? Because it was engineered to keep aerodynamic and payload forces in balance during missions, minimising stresses that weaken other planes over time. Active B-52s aren’t pa
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This MakerBot Made 3D Printing Hot
RELEASED IN 2012, THE MakerBot Replicator sold for $1749 (or about R15 200 at the exchange rate back then). For that price, you could own the first mass-market, consumer-grade 3D printer. It’s the equivalent of the first Homebrew desktop computer, or
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Tabula Rogeriana
The Tabula Rogeriana, or Book of Roger, was completed by Moroccan cartographer Muhammad al-Idrisi in 1154. Compiled over 15 years for King Roger II of Sicily – who hoped the map could inform and expand his rule – the book included a world map with 70