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The Art Of Wine
Members of the Franchini family have served as estate managers for this historic wine producer for most of the 20th century, employed by the Marchesi Guerrieri Gonzaga family. Alberto Martello (pictured) is husband to Luigina Franchini, the last in h
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Your Letters
I’d like to see calorie and other nutritional information on wine labels. Ideally, wine and alcohol aren’t a part of a healthy diet but, hey, we nutrition-conscious still like to partake in adult beverages from time to time! Micki Winsor, by email So
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Letter Of The Month
Congratulations on your enlightening article, ‘Sulphur dioxide in wine: the great debate’ (February 2021). I work in wine retail and am regularly asked for wines that don’t contain sulphites by customers who are unaware that all wines contain some, e